Kindness Makes the World Go Round. Chocolate and Red Wine Help.

Posted on August 2, 2011


I’m oftentimes overcome by the kindness I’ve received by some of the people I’ve worked for. The liquid way these  relationships are able to transcend the boundaries of simply the employee and the employer, is a wonderful thing.  It’s so nice when people hold a value to your life, even the parts they don’t see. A couple I babysat for leaves me a beautiful bottle of red, before I stay for working the week. “To share with your boyfriend, or enjoy while you’re here,” she says. In a gesture that is unnecessary and surprising, I am reminded that life is wonderful.

These are the little things that carry kindness on their shoulders. It is the invisible part of the emotion that holds so much power, found in a smile, a hug, a glimmer of excitement. Kindness makes the world go round.


There’s a giddiness in me that arises every once in awhile, be it through inspiration in a recipe or lack of the substance in my life, but making a cake is something I desire deeply to do.

This time it came from both places. I wanted to eat cake, and I found a fantastically inspirational recipe. It goes by the name origianlly, of “Grown-Up Birthday Cake,” which sounded instantly intriguing to me.

The adultness of the cake come with wine and olive oil as main ingredients. It’s almost an italian meal in a dessert,  yet the chocolate and sugar bring it back  to place.

I found it on this new site I’ve fallen for: If you haven’t heard of it already go take a look, because it is a haven for foodies. You can even enter contests, as I have recently for a “corn off the cob” recipe. A woman named “Midge,” won the wild-card pick for this cake.

So, “Midge’s” cake called for white wine, and I immediately thought of replacing it with red. “A dark red cake!” I thought.


Mine turned out a color I cannot even describe, but let me try: grayish, yellow, with a hint of brown and blue? It doesn’t sound very appealing, but damn this cake is incredible tasting. It’s super moist (thanks to all the eggs, olive oil, and wine), and is dense and spongy: a near perfect cake consistency.

I made a simple chocolate ganache recipe to pour over the top. The drips, which stop solid as they travel down the edges of this cake, give it classic appeal.

The kindness in the world gave me wine and a great cake recipe. With that unspeakable air of delicious, happy, and blessed. I say cheers to you.


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