Our Truest Nature: Raw Food!

Posted on June 16, 2011


I’ve been really interested in raw foods lately. Well I have been for quite sometime, but now I’m approaching the topic head first, and diving all the way in. Raw food is a whole new world, that is actually maybe more like really, really old. Some sources say that humans have been eating raw for millions of years, while cooking has come into the picture only about 50,000 years ago. Therefore, claims have been made that our bodies have not had enough time to evolve to properly consume cooked foods.

It’s interesting and fun to explore, like any new endeavor is. My interest in food/cooking (or in this case preparing) and in health combine sweetly in this realm. There are a million ways to stretch the imagination and the produce into incredible dishes one would never assume actually take on a more similar profile to a salad than a plate of nachos.

               Buckwheat Sprouting: Raw food can include beans, and grains, just by sprouting them they become alive and edible.

There surly is a touch of magic in the air when vegetables, nuts, and spice become burgers, pizzas, and cakes.

Raw foods are also known as Living Foods, and I prefer that title. The world living means that the food is in it’s growing state. Cooking kills it, but eating it live makes you live! Simple. Here’s the deal: there are enzymes in fruits and veggies that are destroyed in the cooking process. But if food is kept under 115˚ (temps. vary according to who you’re talking to, but general consensus is do not exceed 118˚), these enzymes will remain intact and your body will say “ahh” and lean back as the nutrients are assimilated. With all the juicy enzymes your body won’t have to work to produce more for your digestion. So the food you eat boosts your life force rather than sucks some out, which keeps you going.

I have been trying to incorporate more and more raw foods into my diet lately, toying with the idea of becoming 100% raw, but not yet feeling that ability. I feel that eating raw foods is aligned with our truest nature. There are so many health problems today surrounding the foods that we eat: heart disease (a relatively new and mostly western disease), high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, etc. etc. etc. It just doesn’t seem like God, YHWH, Krishna, whatever spiritual force guides us/you would create the earth for us to be dying off like this, and living so poorly. It hasn’t always been like that on earth, so maybe we had it right sprouting grains and cooking breads lightly on rocks in the sun, like they did in biblical times.

Our truest nature is oftentimes so deeply rooted in the ground, that we have to turn back to find it.

Here’s some “RAW” food for thought:

Every other creature on earth eats foods raw. Except for us.

After eating cooked foods the white blood cell count increases 5 times, because the body thinks the food is a pathogen! When we eat a salad or a fresh fruit, this doesn’t happen.

A lot of carcinogens are made while cooking, like in frying or heating sugars.

Cooking minimizes vitamins, minerals, and denatures proteins.

Watch Matthew Kenney, a premier raw foods chef, talk about the benefits at a TED conference:



So, it seems based on the evidence that nature intends for us to eat her abundance in its raw state. Maybe if you try eating raw you’ll see why. I most definitely feel great!

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