An Ode to the Earth

Posted on April 23, 2011


I was hiking along a dirt path in nature, as I usually do. As I rounded a corner I came upon a freshly cut tree stump. The presence was immense and caused me to halt for a moment. A wave of contemplation set in:

This tree had the orange hue of freshly exposed flesh. It looked vulnerable in its double exposure on the edge of the hiking trail. I felt sympathy for it like a wounded bird or something, yet it quickly became symbolic in my mind. That stump expressed the delicate scale between man power and nature’s existence. I thought of a haircut, that the barber had taken liberty with. The trees are the hair, and we are the barbers. The scissors are in our hands and we feel maybe too comfortable with them. It’s so easy to keep snipping, as the metal slices the follicles like a knife through warm butter. We take liberty with nature, and who’s to say when too much is too much? The trees live at our mercy, and we don’t have the self-control to let them grow. It’s a metaphor for the earth and our control over it.

So when is too much? Is there a line? How will we know when we’ve taken too much away? Will it be too late when we do?

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